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About Us

Our Vision, Mission and Values is a business of online – property and hospitality agency providing help and support specifically for Law Students and Customers seeking better, cleaner and safer apartments or hotels off the campuses within The Nigerian Law School across Nigeria.

As a registered Limited Liability Company, is a brand name managed by INTERFACE NETCOM LTD, incorporated in Nigeria on the 14th day of July, 2020 – RC1687492.

Insights and foresight into the need of customers enables recommend apartments or hotels through online reservations – making the booking process swift, reliable and satisfying. 

We also interface between property sellers and buyers. That is, we act as a reliable, tested and trusted agency in The Property and Real Estate Industry.  Properties for sale or purchase, houses and apartments for rent or lease are captured on Our Online Platform.

We are also facility managers and consultants in Hotel Management and Development.  Organizing trainings and developing contents for Hotel owners.

Furthermore, we act as the strongest link between providers and seekers in this industry.

Our Vision

At, our vision is to constantly be that first choice in all recommendations and reviews provided in relation to hotels, serviced apartments, lands, housing and the real estate. Ultimately, the goal is to promote the ease of finding hotels and apartments that provide comfort and satisfaction for our customers.

Our Mission

To promote capacity and to act conscientiously in all areas of property management and development especially in the Hospitality Industry.

Our Values

As an online property and hospitality business platform, we believe in the importance of building a great enduring online agency, that strikes a balance between profitability and social conscience. Our key words or performance index are predicated on Integrity and inventions.


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